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We offer a myriad of services – both in-house and in the field – to support the continued operation of your equipment at peak efficiency

Supporting You Internationally


Changes in gas composition, flow rate, pressure, and/or temperature require a comprehensive redesign to attain desired efficiencies. We have the technical knowledge and tools to redesign or refurbish any OEM turboexpander or compressor component to your requirements.


Our comprehensive overhauls are performed both in-house and in the field. Whether aboard a ship, in a plant, or in our facility, we guarantee comprehensive inspections, recommendations, and full reassembly to operational status for your equipment.

Field Service

SMI Specialists have traveled the world in service of our customers’ equipment. Regardless of the weather and conditions, from a simple plant visit to riding aboard a ship for weeks, our technicians support your needs.

Reverse Engineering

We can reverse engineer any part, even if the part is heavily damaged. With some technical details of the equipment and an original part, we can reverse engineer a quality part with the same fit and function as the original.


Extend the life of your parts by utilizing our reconditioning services. We utilize a rigorous fit and function criteria that ensures minor blemishes are ignored, while major damage is meticulously corrected so that your part is returned to operational quality.


We offer consultation for turboexpander and centrifugal compressor design, as well as feasibility studies. Our priority is to find the right equipment that matches our customer’s needs.


Complete Fleet Care

For our customers who operate a wide range of OEM equipment, we offer a comprehensive service to ensure the entire fleet is supported through spare parts oversight, operational history audits, on-site service support, and work scope recommendations.

We support our customers through the entire service cycle, from pre-refit, to on-site refit support, post-refit recommendations, and any support needed in between refits across a wide range of OEMs. We look to reduce cost to our customers by consolidating spare parts across the fleet for similar equipment, and ensuring that our customers are only purchasing correct spare parts based on their equipment and current stock.

Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at +1 805 349 2540

Have Questions?


Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at +1 805 349 2540