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We offer aftermarket support of all internal parts, regardless of the OEM. Why wait for a damaged part to create costly downtime – order spare parts today and ensure your machine always remains functional.

Quality, Fit, and Function

Wheels and Impellers

Our wheels are rigorously designed utilizing FEA and CFD, and manufactured with the highest precision tooling.

If your application has issues with no-run zones, we offer engineering consultation to recommend corrective action that may help reduce your long-term CapEx.


Through engineering and tribological analysis, our hydrodynamic bearings are designed in-house for high speed applications with rubbing speeds in excess of 400 ft/sec.

We offer support for all bearing configurations, including cylindrical, tilting pad, and lobed bearing designs.


We precisely engineer, manufacture, and balance our shafts to efficiently operate in your unique application.

We have experience utilizing a wide range of shaft-to-wheel coupling designs, including locking key, straight and tapered polygon, and Hirth couplings.

Shaft Seals

Our sealing systems are designed to efficiently utilize the least amount of buffer gas while ensuring the process gas is separated from the lube oil system.

We offer designs utilizing floating carbon rings, labyrinth, and dry gas seals.

Inlet Guide Vanes

Inlet Guide Vanes are designed to efficiently direct the flow of process gas into the wheel or impeller, and also control flow and pressure upstream/downstream of the unit.

We have experience designing for fixed and variable designs, as well as radial inflow and axial inflow type Inlet Guide Vane systems.

Misc. Parts

SMI can supply all ancillary parts for rotating equipment, including diffusers, heat barriers, gaskets, o-rings, and spring-energized Teflon (Omni or Raco) seals.


We utilize 5-axis mills, CNC lathes and manual lathes to manufacture parts in-house; guaranteeing the highest quality parts with fast delivery.

What previously took months to manufacture – such as Impellers – can now be completed within a matter of weeks. In-house manufacturing also reduces cost of manufacturing, which allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at +1 805 349 2540

Have Questions?


Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at +1 805 349 2540