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We utilize the latest modeling programs and expert analysis to manufacture high-quality, extremely efficient products customized to your specifications.

Modeling, Analysis, and Design

Thermodynamic Analysis

Our analysis includes simulation software that helps to indicate initial sizing of the new, full package equipment. From there, we run the data through multiple iterations until we reach the desired conditions of the machine, per customer request.

2D & 3D Modeling

We utilize the latest in 2D and 3D modeling software for all equipment, from individual parts to entire skid arrangements. This modeling software can be integrated into other design software to optimize the design and ensure quality manufacturing for each unique project.

3D Laser Scanning

When reverse engineering highly intricate parts, we utilize 3D laser scanning technology to create an initial model. From there we can fine-tune the dimensions and create a drawing to manufacture a near identical part of equal quality, fit, and function.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

We utilize FEA techniques and programs to simulate stress and aerodynamics to create an optimal design model prior to manufacturing. Through FEA we are able to simulate mechanical stress, resonance, and heat transfer; and define acceptable limits for maximum efficiency.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

This analysis is critical to understanding the forces acting on the gasses and liquids within our rotating machinery. From simple laminar flows to complex turbulent and transonic flows, CFD simulates fluid dynamics under essential process conditions.

Rotor Dynamics

A specialized branch of applied mechanics, we utilize rotor dynamics to analyze our mechanical structures which rotate around a single axis. Rotor dynamics helps us design machines to minimize forced vibration, as well as isolate natural frequencies so as to avoid critical speeds where mechanical resonance could occur.

Customized Features

Full Cartridge Design

We offer this optional design for your Spare Center Rotating Assembly (SCRA) to reduce the difficulty and risk associated with swapping SCRA’s during field service. The full cartridge design is shroud-to-shroud, which eliminates the need for shimming in the field and reduces the risk of damage happening to a wheel or impeller during removal or installation of an SCRA.

When this design is requested, SMI will manufacture both the primary and secondary SCRA at the same time to ensure that all critical dimensions are factory set. This ensures that a swap of SCRAs in the field is quick and easy, compared to traditional wheel-to-wheel designs.

Active Automatic Thrust Balancing System

The AATB system limits the possibility of wheel-to-shroud contact, increasing the operational lifespan of your wheels and impellers. Our AATB system actively takes oil pressure readings to assess the direction and axial thrust load, and re-corrects axial thrust within the turboexpander-compressor.

This system utilizes a balanced spool valve allowing for a more sensitive and responsive thrust balancing system, active oil injection to ensure that bearing pressure-sensing holes do not send false positives, and isolation and bypass valves to allow for easy maintenance of the system without shutting down the turboexpander unit.


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Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at +1 805 349 2540

Have Questions?


Don’t hesitate to contact us directly at +1 805 349 2540